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"My daughter Alexandra has attended the Rollo Academy of Dance for the last 4 years.  She has enjoyed attending this dance academy and like most children she has developed a group of friends. Initially Alexandra attended two different dance schools but it became quite evident from watching the excellent Rollo Dance Extravaganza each year and from seeing the results obtained by Rollo dancers at dance festivals around the region that the Rollo academy is the best in the region. We chose the best for Alexandra. It turns out a regular stream of dancers who go on to have professional careers.
I have nothing but admiration for the Rollo team. It is perhaps one of Nottingham's best kept secrets! I hope that they continue to thrive for many more years. They deserve it."
Graham Ewing

"I would recommend Rollo Academy of performing Arts to anyone who's child wants to dance.
My daughter joined Rollo last year after dancing at another school for many years and she was nervous about fitting in, but the pupils at Rollo made her feel instantly welcome and she's made lots of new friends.
The teachers are highly experienced and professional and Charlotte's technique, ability and confidence have improved immensely over this year"
Jenny Moorcroft

"Gabby wouldn't have be where she is today studying a BA Honours in dance at Liverpool's John Moore University without the schools fabulous teaching, coaching and mentoring. The whole experience teaches young people the importance of hard work, dedication and commitment and how to work as a team to achieve great things. All of Gabby’s learning has taken place in a safe, conducive environment and the pastoral support she has received has been superb. Sue, Sam and Gemma have helped Gabby become the person she is today. She is brimming with confidence and enthusiasm, a true Rollo ambassador"
Maggie Tempest

"I cannot begin to say what the Rollo Academy has done for me not only as a performer but also as a person! They gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed and most importantly gave me an amazing technical grounding that set me up perfectly to then enter the world of full time professional training and now work. I am eternally thankful for everything they did for me over the years I was with Rollo and still do to this day"
Chloe Barker

"Rollo offers the unique combination of a school that not only stages amazing imaginative shows, but also provides excellent dance training through exams teaching the children drive, commitment and perseverance to achieve the fantastic results they seems to always achieve"
Claire Turner

"I like dancing with Rollo as they are professional and make you work hard and do your best"
Ella Silcock (student)

"Rollo have made Ella feel welcome and she has settled into her classes really well after moving here in September. She always enjoys her lessons and the teachers are always friendly when you have a question. Well organised and professional I am glad I chose this school"
Ruth Silcock

"All 3 of my daughters dance at Rollo, and I love the way that the school enables pupils of all abilities to achieve the very best they are capable of (as well as training many talented future professionals). My children are reaping the benefits of regular exercise, hard work and team-work, and just as importantly developing a love of dance and music and making lots of great friends"
Jerri Long

"My daughter has danced at Rollo since the age of two. I have been so impressed with the teaching and commitment at the school and, as a result, the way in which her confidence and ability has grown. Maisie entered into the world of festivals at the age of five and is now learning about hard work, drive and perseverance. Whatever her results, she has always been encouraged to do her very best and continue to aim high. I obviously love watching my own daughter perform and flourish. However, the older students astound me in shows and festivals and I adore how Maisie aspires to be like them. She looks forward to her Saturday mornings at Rollo, private lessons, annual shows and festivals ... that doesn't happen by magic! Her love of dancing and singing is forever developing and she has made some very special friends at the school. I thank all the teachers for providing Maisie with a passion away from the educational setting. I really couldn't recommend the school highly enough!"
Michelle Bates

Location: Home > Testimonials

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